⦁ Reducing the amount of expected errors in construction.

⦁ Reducing project cost by controlling costs.

⦁ Providing cooperation between all engineering departments supervising the construction.

⦁ Ease of maintenance after the completion of the project.

⦁ Modification is easy and simple, and it is done once in any part of the form, and it is reflected in all parts of the form related to this modification.

What is the relationship of BIM with engineering programs such as CAD, REVIT…

This technology combines CAD programs, i.e. computer drawing, simulation programs, analysis and design programs in one framework, and this gives the engineer ease of work and speed in completing it, and programs that work according to this technology allow easy transfer of models and designs between more than one program known as WORK FLOW.

In addition to covering spatial relations, light analysis, geographical information, quantities and characteristics of building components.

What are the engineering programs that support BIM technology?


Successful examples of BIM technology applied

⦁ Build Qatar Live 2012
⦁ D.C. Riverside Office Building
⦁ Ellicott Heights
⦁ Arboleda Open BIM project

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