Sherwa Hotel, Najran, south of the Kingdom

One of the works of Hijazioun Engineering Consulting Company

Residential hotel design and delivery

Address: Sharurah – Najran – south of the Kingdom

Location information

Area: 3460.5 square meters

The hotel consists of 6 floors

Basement parking lot with a capacity of 60 cars

A rest room for the workers to stay overnight + a dining hall for the workers, a kitchen, bathrooms, and a cafe for the two worlds.

Room management and services + laundry and hotel furniture + maintenance rooms and workshops.

The ground floor is divided into two parts:

The first section: a special entrance to the hotel with “reception and salons + cafe + bathrooms + administration + hall approved for the purposes of centers, businessmen, directors and secretaries”.

A special entrance to the mall and trade fairs

The mall consists of 4 floors and there are

The role of the restaurant halls

Role for children’s games Chapel and GYM

The hotel floors consist of

Reception role + restaurant role

3 hotel floors

36 hotel rooms

48 hotel suites

Floor with swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and gym


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