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Description of the traffic studies service

Traffic studies are a detailed investigation and accurate analysis of the transportation system in the project area, and they are supported by an extensive collection of data. Traffic studies are used to examine the recurring transportation problem and propose a solution that leads to reducing traffic and congestion in the project area, in the event that 100 or more trips are generated during peak hours.

Service Profile

Scope of work of the traffic studies team

1/ The first stage: Determination of the traffic impact study methodology and how to enter the project:

* A description of the nature of the project, the area of the site and the various activities it includes.

* A plan showing the location of the project in relation to the region, and another plan showing the location of the project in relation to the surrounding main roads.

* A chart showing the main activities and important land uses around the project site.

Determine the project impact area, which includes the elements of the methods to be studied.

Determining the main road links and intersections that fall within the project impact area, at which traffic analysis will be conducted for the current situation and the target year.

Determine the mechanism of access to the site through the existing road network.

* Calculate the trips generated by the project and determine the expected peak hours.

* Public transportation systems surrounding the project.

* A detailed explanation of the methodology that will be followed to conduct the traffic study and the necessary analyzes, mentioning the engineering programs used and their role during the study.

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Scope Of Work Of The Traffic Studies Team

2/ The second stage: traffic impact study report:

After the study methodology report is approved by the competent authority, a traffic impact study report will be prepared, which includes the following elements:

* Existing engineering characteristics of road elements located within the project’s impact area.

* For road links, the number of traffic lanes for each direction and right-of-way data is determined, and whether the road is divided by a central island or undivided, and traffic directions on these links with the addition of light images from the site that support this data.

* For intersections, the type of intersection, the number of entrances to its various branches, the type of traffic control (light signal, roundabout, stop sign, etc.), and the times of the signal phases are specified, with the addition of light images from the site that support this data.

* Data of future projects in the study area in coordination with the competent authority.

* Finding trip generation rates and calculating the number of trips entering and leaving the project.

* Traffic volumes on the elements of the road network that fall within the scope of the project’s impact, for the current situation of rush hour, and also for the target year using the traffic model.

Scope of work of the traffic studies team

* Results of traffic analysis of road links and intersections within the impact area for the target year without the traffic burdens of the project.

* The results of the traffic analysis of road links and intersections within the impact area for the target year with the traffic burdens of the project.

* Proposed engineering and traffic improvements to the elements of the road network in the event that future service levels are unacceptable.

* The results of the traffic analysis of road links and intersections within the impact area for the target year with the traffic burdens of the project and with the proposed engineering and traffic improvements, if any.

* Initial designs for proposed improvements.

* Calculating the number of parking lots required by the project and comparing it to the number of parking lots included in the project.

* Corrective measures for the supply of car parks in the event that the value of demand is higher than the value of offer.

* Studying the internal movement in the event that the project is a land plan or if it includes several buildings linked by an internal road network.

Studying the traffic movement and turning maneuvers within the parking floors and at the entrances and exits of the project.

* Studying the entry and exit points to and from the project and verifying that there is no conflict between them, and studying their impact on the surrounding road links.

Studying pedestrian movement and traffic safety within the project.

* The report includes an appendix that presents the outputs of traffic analysis programs for road links and intersections for different scenarios. An electronic copy of the study report and traffic analysis files for road network elements for different analysis cases will be attached to the report.

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The accreditations In The traffic studies

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our works

Over the past 8 years, we have successfully completed 150 projects in various fields of construction and civil engineering. Our projects have covered both government and private sectors, spanning all corners of the kingdom. Some of our notable projects include.

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Previous work on traffic impact study projects for Hijaziun Engineering Consultancy
Area / m² Project Type Region M
72,742.66 Residential + commercial + administrative Mecca – Sharia 1
8,289.32 Commercial building Mecca – Al Rashidiya 2
9,997.71 Administrative + commercial Mecca – Al-Azizia neighborhood 3
1,000 Residential + commercial Mecca – Al-Awali neighborhood 4
27,138.04 Residential compound Mecca – Al-Hijrah District 5
13,530.46 Hotel complex Mecca – Al-Naseem 6
2,245.45 Residential + commercial Mecca – Al-Zaher district 7
10,000 Residential + commercial + administrative Mecca – Al-Awali neighborhood 8
21,943.5 Shopping mall Mecca – Sharia 9
483,919 Service + commercial + administrative Mecca – Umm Al-Joud neighborhood 10
9,681.52 Shopping mall Mecca – Al-Laith Road 11
157,969.97 Residential scheme Mecca – Al-Aseelah District 12
10,000 Residential + commercial Mecca – Al-Awali neighborhood 13
33,000,000 Entertainment + commercial + administrative Saiysad National Park 14
311,328,683.5 Residential + service + commercial + administrative Cairo 15
23,000 factory Industrial City 1 – Jeddah 17
71,877 Shopping mall Mecca – Kudai Road 18
11,500 Shopping mall Mecca – Al-Awali district 19
16,096 Administrative + commercial Mecca – Al Kakiyyah District 20
9,162 Residential + commercial Mecca – Sharia 21
7,014 Administrative + commercial Mecca – Sharia 22
43,812 Commercial complex + gas station Mecca – Asfan 23
3,462 Petrol station Mecca – Al-Zaher district 24
9,957 Petrol station Mecca – Al-Awali district 25
2,653 Petrol station Mecca – An-Nuriya 26
1,923 Petrol station Mecca – Jaarana 27
1,335 Petrol station Mecca – Al Shawqiyyah 28
1,159 Petrol station Mecca – Batha Quraish 29
3,608 Administrative + commercial building Mecca – Batha Quraish 30
6,401 Commercial building Mecca – An-Nuriya 31
5,823 Administrative + commercial building Mecca – Al Nakheel scheme 32
4,915 Commercial building Abha 33
121,693 Commercial building Riyadh – Hittin 34
4,661 Petrol station Mecca – Jamoum 35
26,135 Residential + commercial Makkah – Makkah Rabwat Scheme 36
18,678 Residential + commercial Mecca – Hindawiyah 37

project’s data

Isfan municipality

Foundation for the future of oil for fuel

The owner
Jeddah / Asfan the site
Commercial – service Project Type

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project’s data

Asas Company for Development and Investment The owner
Mecca / KDE the site
Administrative commercial Project Type
ملحق رقم ( 3 ) لوحة مناورة حركة المركبات (1)
ملحق رقم ( 2 ) لوحة السلامة المرورية

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project’s data

Areeb Second Real Estate Fund Company The owner
Mecca / Al-Awali the site
commercial Project Type
2 (3)
1 (1)

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