Bajad Al Harbi Hotel

One of the works of Hijazioun Engineering Consulting Company

One of the exclusive development projects carried out by the Hijazioun Group is the Bijad Al Harbi Hotel project. Hijazioun Engineering Consulting Company has made the interior and exterior designs of the project in a way that shows the identity of the building and suits the public taste and obtains the full satisfaction of the owner.

The Integration Construction Contracting Company, one of Adel Al-Wakeel Group companies, implemented the project.

Details of the Bejad Al Harbi Hotel project

Address: Batha Quraish – Makkah Al-Mukarramah

Designed by: Hijazioun Engineering Consultants

Implementation: Integration Building Contracting Company, one of Adel Al-Wakeel Group companies

Website detail:

On a total area of ​​973 square metres

It consists of 10 floors

And the number of 150 suites

And ground floor parking for vehicles

Another role for cabinets

Stages of construction of the Bejad Al Harbi Hotel
The first stage :  digging the foundations, pouring the regular concrete, and isolating the foundations.


The second stage :  the lining and the walls of the tank .
The third stage: the stages of pouring concrete for the columns and ceilings for the floors.


The interior design  of the Bejad Al Harbi Hotel  \”Interior Design\” , which was implemented by the company.


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