Al Matrafi Mall

🏢 Design of a shopping mall project – Boulevard
⁠🏢 AL-Matrafy Mall
⁠📌 Address: Sub-laws, modified green scheme
🔗 Project information
⁠✅ Commercial building project
⁠✅ The land area is 8289.5 square meters
⁠✅ The mall consists of a hypermarket
⁠✅ Ground floor on an area of ​​2195.20 square meters
⁠✅ First floor on an area of ​​2000 square meters
⁠✅ A parking lot with a capacity of 195 cars on an area of ​​3323 square meters
⁠✅ It includes 14 commercial stores, each store consists of a ground floor and two mezzanines, with different areas starting from 180 to 250 square meters.
⁠✅ It contains kiosks for quick sale
⁠✅ Surface parking spaces for 100 cars
⁠✅ Offices for the management of the mall
⁠🔗 Because we always aspire to excellence, our distinction is that we are the first, largest, and one who provides BIM service with an accredited certificate in the Kingdom, which makes all our customers fully aware of all the details of their units, and the time it takes to implement them before starting work.
⁠🏗 Hijazioun Engineering Consulting Company, more than 880 projects.
We excel in the field of engineering and architectural design, beyond the imagination of our customers, and we achieve it by implementing construction, with innovative solutions and global technologies.
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